Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New website lists local resources for cancer patients and caregivers

Are you or someone you care about in need of a cancer support group, transportation for medical treatments or financial assistance with prescription drugs? Locate resources for these needs and more on the recently launched website The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida is a public service of North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC), WellFlorida Council and the Florida Department of Health Cancer Control Program.

The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida, compiled by WellFlorida and NCFCCC, includes support groups, community and caregiver resources, financial support services and tobacco cessation activities throughout  the region. The website also links viewers to national organizations and their websites. The online guide lists a wide range of cancer-related resources: summer camps for children with cancer; sources for breast prosthesis and wigs; and medical assistance for individuals who are uninsured or under-insured, including low cost/no cost mammograms.

Through workshops, successful grant applications, regional cancer data and communications tools (such as The Cancer Resource Guide and The Cancer Resource Blog), NCFCCC supports the region's cancer community with resources, networking opportunities and education. Oversight and leadership of NCFCCC is provided by WellFlorida. To learn more about NCFCCC, WellFlorida and The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida, visit

Cancer Connections

Mark your calendar for the next Cancer Connections meeting on July 25 from noon to 1 p.m. Jeri Francouer of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation will be presenting. Cancer Connections meets monthly at the Hope Lodge in Gainesville, FL.